What is Law of Attraction and how to use it

Law Of Attraction

(You create your own Universe as you go along)

– Winston Churchill

Law of Attraction is all about using your thought process to manifest all your desires in life. It can be anything, your goal, a wonderful life, anything you want.

The entire Law can be summed up in three words ‘Thoughts become Things’.

If anyone of you has read the books of Rhonda Byrne, Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ or have watched the movie ‘The Secret’ then you must be knowing something about the Law and how it works.

It says everything is possible in life. Whatever you desire, the same can be manifested in life by the Law of Attraction. I am not talking from the prospective of some wishful thinking or Imaginary wish.

The same completely depends on your belief system.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t-you are right-Henry Ford.

The key principle of the law is ‘Like attracts Like’, just like a magnet. It completely depends on our feeling, if we feel good and stay in positive frequency we attract the situations of happiness and the things we want where as if we do not feel good and enter in to a negative frequency then we attract negative situations unknowingly. The fact is the law is working always in our lives but we are just not aware of it.

If we think about our emotions it can be divided broadly into two parts.

a)Positive Emotions-Happiness, Satisfaction, Having Fun, Spending good time with Family and pets which feels good.

b)Negative Emotions-Angriness, frustration, Anxiety these are the feelings which puts us in Negative frequency and we don’t feel good.

Ex- When you go to office with a wonderful mindset and feel happy, everything goes well again one small conflict you become angry, frustrated and start complaining about your life, you immediately enter into a negative frequency and it spoils your day by attracting same kind of situations into your life.

So what you think about you bring about.

A lot of people think they are situation driven but in fact they have no idea that they create their own situation.

Now the question comes how to manifest the things we want in life. If I sum up life and the process in four words that would be.

L-Let it Go.

I-Identify your goals.

F-Fuel your desire.

E-Enter the Desired State.

A very small part of the above process is known as ‘Emotional Intelligence’ which is being used as one of the powerful techniques in today.

A lot of people are highly successful and achieved their goals who are using it.

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