The Power Of “GRATITUDE”

GRATITUDE is the power by which you can bring more prosperity,love and happiness to your life.

Do you feel gratitude when something good happens to you or take it for granted?For example have you ever felt gratitude for good health,when you are energetic or only pray for a better health when you don’t have it?

If you observe people around you,they can be broadly divided into two parts.One who keep on complaining about their life,current situations,unfavourable circumstances and many others.They never think about what they already have.That might be a great family,a job,a house to stay which many people on earth can dream for.They never think how blessed they are to have those things in life.As the result they always stay in the negative frequency,always try to change their life but don’t get any result.

The second type who always feel gratitude and become grateful for what they have in their life and take inspired actions to achieve their goal.In this process they change their life and see opportunities in each and every step

.Ask yourself which group do you belong to?

If it is the second group then please keep going.If it’s the first group then probably it’s time to think how can you change this situation? The answer to this is GRATITUDE.When you feel grateful for whatever you  have in life you will receive more.

There is a difference between TELLING A THANK YOU and FEELING A THANK YOU.


Whenever you receive something in life in form of a thing or service and tell thank you for it,do you really feel it or you just tell it for the sake of telling.

GRATITUDE is a feeling which always feels good.It’s the feeling of appreciation.Let’s take a business example. When you get an appreciation mail from the client for whom you are working, how does it feel to you?It feels great right?However you are getting paid for it why he needs to appreciate you, he can take it for granted.

Just remember some of your life’s moments when somebody appreciated or wrote a Thank you note to you from his heart.How did it feel to you?It feels awesome.

So the key is to maintain an Attitude of Gratitude.When you think or  write down the things for which you are grateful about you switch your frequency from negative to positive. You start appreciating rather than complaining.

Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.


Always remember if you are not grateful for what you have,you will never attract any more new things or prosperity in your life.

Ask yourself today what are the things for which you are grateful for? Maintain a gratitude journal which will remind you everyday about the things for which you are grateful  for and you will be astounded by the results and difference in your life.

Maintain the same till you get an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.So have you written your gratitude journal for today?gratitude_journal

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