How to overcome the Fear of Failure Using the Law of Attraction?

How Many of us has this fear of failure? I think each one of us has it. It’s very very necessary to get over of that. Let’s get into the details how can you overcome this fear of failure using the Law of Attraction.

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A)Self Talk

I think most of the time people get this fear of failure from negative self talk. They tell themselves negative things again and again. For example before starting a venture when the entrepreneur thinks ‘is this thing going to work out? What makes me different from others? When you think you are one of the many and ordinary, you start doubting our self, giving yourself reasons why you can not do it. As you all know Law of Attraction works on the Concept ‘Like attracts Like’ hence you find more reasons to fear about, to doubt about. You start suffering from worry, anxiety and sadness. These are the feelings of negativity which does not feel good and by doing this you keep on attracting more and more of it.

You can convert these negative self talks to positive self talks which is very very easy and will fill your mind with positivity leading to ways how you can do it. There is no point about thinking of rejection when you are going for an interview or audition. It does not make any sense because you have given your best shot, just expect the good and you shall have it.

You can also convert these negative self talks to positive self talk which is very easy through affirmations. Affirmations are a very powerful tool for positive self talk. Your performance on stage can get better if you say ‘I can do it’ five times before you go for the performance. It has already been proved by many successful people. You can also apply the same in your life.

B)Comparison with others

Second thing you start comparing yourself with other people and start telling you are not as good as them leading to a degradation in self confidence and finally failure. You need to understand each one of us is unique, and have different qualities.

What you need to do is completely focus on what you want and take actions for it. Always remember a beginner can be a winner and a master was one day an amateur.

C)Stay in the present and Take Action

Many of us think about future so much that it frightens us. When we think thoughts like ‘What will happen if my decision goes wrong’? ‘Will I suffer a big loss?’ By thinking that way you never take any action even though you have more than everything you want to take the first step. The lack of courage which gets created thinking too much about future leads to no action.

Manifestation and attraction process is all about believing that you are going to achieve it without any doubt, taking the first step towards what you want. When you take the first step with the strong will, Universe opens up ways after ways to move forward.In the end you defeat the fear of failure and succeed. This is how the phrase ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ works.

Ask yourself what you want, Believe you are going to have it, take the action and manifest it.


Happy Manifesting,


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