How to Manifest Your Short Term and Long Term Goals Using Law of Attraction

Hello Everyone,

Wish you all a happy new year 2020.

In this blog I am going to talk about the process of manifesting your goals using the power of law of attraction.

First of all we need to understand why we need to give time to read blogs like this.

There are many books and blogs but do those really make a difference unless and until we really work on it.and take Actions.

No, but these blogs can be of huge benefit if we start working on the process by being grateful and taking Actions.

So you will get maximum benefit from blogs like this when you read it, work accordingly and take actions.Once you start acting more ways will open up to take more action to manifest your goals.

Let’s go through the process step by step.

1. Show Gratitude for what you have in Life.

First things first. If you want to use the power of gratitude then you will have to find things to be grateful for in life. Gratitude is a powerful tool  which can be used to attract what you want in life.

To apply the power of gratitude write five things to be grateful for everyday no matter what. It can be a thing which provides you comfort, or a person who helped you or guided you in anyway or it can be circumstance which transformed you as a person.

Remember Gratitude is riches and complaint is poverty.

2. Now write the things you want very specifically and divide it into short term and Long Term Goals.

Take a couple of days and make a list of things which you want in life and write it very specifically.

Like if you want a car, write which company’s product it would be, what would be the colour, what would be your price range and all the things which you can figure out.

Never Think about the how, it’s the part of the Universe.

Now once you build the list. Try to figure out short term and long term goals.

You should be able to figure out what’s your long terms and short term goals.

Make a timeline to each short term goal.

For example if you wanna get a healthy fit body and get your ideal weight then write it down with a deadline of a month or a  couple of months. Do the similar exercise for everything and clearly mention it with the goals..

3. Take Action to Manifest.

Once done prioritise the goals one by one. Take top three goals and do whatever you can today to attract those to life. The action can be a small one or a big, it does not matter, what matters most is you get going.

To keep you in track you can just write those down if you want , again this is not a mandatory one but you can write it if you want to.

Once you do the above things, do something you enjoy, be happy and know the Universe will manifest things for you and it’s just a matter of time.

Last but not the least Be grateful and keep taking Actions.

Happy Manifesting,


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