How to Manifest Your Dream Job Using The Law of Attraction.

The recent study tells that 80% of people go to jobs every day which they don’t love. Many of us have it. Some do it to meet their financial needs and some do it due to their family and other circumstances.

But I want you to understand one fact of life, the only way you can get the best out of you is doing what you love for which you never get tired, you really want to do it again and again. So ask yourself what is it? you will find it’s your passion. If you study the most successful personalities in the history of world,you will see they always choose their passion as the skill of their life and keep on doing it.In the end they reach the climax of glory and the rest of the people just keep thinking how do they do it?

The Only way to do great work is to love what you do.If you have not  found it yet, keep looking.Don’t settle.As with all matters of the heart you will know when you find it.

 – Steve Jobs.

Well when it comes to applying Law Of Attraction, people generally get intrigued how can they manifest their dream job using this power of Universe.

There are two types of people in world.

  1. Who hate their jobs and complaint about it, who never tries to think how this experience can help him or her manifesting her dream job.
  2. Who feel grateful for the job they have and try to find opportunities in the current job to work towards their Dream job and in this process manifest it.

The first category of people are very easy to find, they go to their jobs day in and day out  to meet their financial needs, Complaint about their boss, circumstance, clients and situation and they do not know by doing this they are just attracting more things to complaint about in life. The point I am making here is they just do not know what they want or those who know never take any action for it.

As  a result they live the same life again and again, keep on complaining which never ends.

Stop Complaining and you can find opportunities, where the complaint lies opportunity lies. Jack Ma (Founder of Ali Baba Group)

Let’s discuss about the second type of people who understand the Law of Attraction and also understand the ways to apply it. They find things to be grateful for their current job even though it is not their dream job and always look for opportunities to take action towards their dream. Where the Attention Goes Energy Flows as a result the Universe always shows them ways to take action they create it because they intend it. Intention with Action produces Manifestation.

If you are one of them who is wondering how to find your dream job and want to apply Law of Attraction for the same. Then You need to change your vibration and emotional state immediately by getting started with the following three steps now.

  • Find 10 things to be grateful for your current job today and write them down.
  • Define your dream job, be specific about every aspect of it like when do you want it, where you would like to work and if you want wealth then how much you are going to earn. And many others depending on your wish.
  • Look for opportunities in your current life and take action with whatever resource you have right now.

dream job_1

By doing the above things you will be in a positive state of mind and receiving frequency, the Universe will listen to your wish and the manifestation process is just a matter of time.


Happy Manifesting,





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