How to Drive Intentions towards Manifestation using Law of Attraction?


In our lives many of us ask each other ‘What’s your Intention?’ when we are curious about something. Don’t we? In fact we know how to apply the power of intentions to take Actions and do it regularly. However many people lack the knowledge how powerful Intentions could be hence attract both positive and negative things into their life.

The relationship between the power of Intention and Manifestation process is one of the most powerful concepts in applying Law of Attraction in life.


Let’s go back to the basic principles of Law of Attraction.

a) Like attracts Like.

b) Thoughts become things.

When you intend something to happen it becomes an intention, an aim or a thing which you want to manifest.

So make sure your Intentions are good. When you intend for something good you get into a positive frequency and the Universe works in sync with you. It provides you all the ways, circumstances and people to manifest your intentions. The only thing you need to do is to trust yourself and the Universe. At the same time you will need to take actions with the ways provided by the universe. You generate the circumstances and people to manifest things continuously to continue the journey.

Intention is the desire, the thought and for manifestation which must be supported by Actions, as you start taking actions, Universe helps you to manifest things one by one.

Intention Lead to behaviors which leads to habits which leads to personality development which leads to destiny.   – Jack Kornfield .

Many people have bad intention for others but in fact they do not know by intending this they are just attracting negative circumstances to life in manifold, if you have time then start with good thoughts and take action to help others, intend good things and it will happen in your life.

Remember Intentions are one of the most powerful tools to experience Law of Attraction in life. This is the phase where you let Universe know what is it you want.

Once you intend, the universe will show you the ways to take actions just walk on it and Manifestation is on the way.

Once you create the Intentions in mind, then start visualizing it, create a picture in your mind. Be grateful for what you have and expect a good outcome. You will definitely see a way or ways to take action, find out the best step which you can take at this moment with whatever resource you have with you.

Once you start the first step the next course of action will automatically appear. Keep on walking you will hold your intention in your hand in the shortest time possible.

Remember Your Intention Define Your Actions, Your  Actions define your Manifestation.

Happy Manifesting,


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