GOAL! Have you scored it?

Goalllllllllllllll !That’s what we all say when Leo Messi tears apart the opposition with his lightening speed, skills and the ball enters the net crossing the Goalkeeper.

However I think we all have that One Messi inside us but the question is has he scored the goal?

Here by scoring the goal I mean defining the purpose of life, finding that one thing  you are passionate about. That thing for which you will always give that extra push to make it bettor or for which you are here.

In my life I have come across four types of people:-

A)Who never define their goal and go with the flow of  life.

B)Who define their goal and think about the ‘HOW’ factor of future  so much which leads to fear, doubt and no action, then they show responsibilities, money or something else  as the factor for excuse.

C)Who define their goal and start working towards it very hard without a proper life balance and always expect quick result, when it does not show up they give up on their goals.

D)Who define their goals, make a proper plan and take actions consistently  with whatever resource they have at the present moment. They keep on developing themselves on daily basis and score the goal.

The word GOAL is a four lettered word which can be summed up as below.

G-Generate the Dream

O-Obsession with the generated dream

A-Action and Analysis

L-Living The Dream

A)Generate the Dream

Generating the Desire is the first step of Goal achieving process. In this stage you will figure out how to explore what is the true purpose of your life.

First of all its quite necessary to be grateful for what you have. A lot of people complaint about things they don’t have like the current situation in their life, lack of money and so on. In fact when they do these things they suffer from misery, anxiety, helplessness   and their mind enters  into a negative state of frequency which gives them more things to complaint about. Some people are their rather than complaining they feel the gratefulness for what they have in life and define the actions to change the current situation they are called solution oriented people.

So when you feel the gratefulness for what you have ,That state of gratefulness takes your subconscious mind which is  the most powerful thing in the world to a positive frequency, you become happy ,content and satisfied. Once you enter into this state think about that one thing or desire which will make you happy for lifelong, which you loved spontaneously  since you are a child but forgot while going ahead in the so called journey of life. That one thing which you would love to do with all the energy you could. You will always stretch that extra hour or go that extra mile to get bettor results or perform bettor in that area.

Well for some people it can be multiple things but make sure they relate very closely for example if you have the dream to be an Actor, you can be a singer and Director as well. The main aim is to be an actor and other similar goals revolve around it .In the same way if you want to be a speaker you  can be a writer as well.

Always remember vague goals give vague result.

So take your time and define the Goal in a purposeful manner.

B) Obsession with the generated dream

The second step is to get obsessed with your goal while maintaining a perfectly Balanced Life. Obsession leads to Thoughts, Thoughts  leads to actions which becomes effortless because you love that desire from the core of your heart. So when you get obsessed with your goal, that desire, dream or Dominant thought keeps on intruding your mind which ultimately makes you take actions. You enjoy it, you don’t work anymore.

This state of Obsession makes you define the plan for your goal and take concrete steps towards it. In this step you always believe that it will happen and you are going to achieve your dreams. Like children believe that Santa is going to come and give them some gift and Santa comes.

For example A person who is obsessed with working out will always find time to hit the gym no matter what he is doing or how busy he is. He will definitely  make it to the gym because he loves it.

However getting obsessed is not enough, having a proper plan and perfect life Balance is also a key factor in achieving your goals. Obsession makes you to give that extra effort but at the same time you need to understand that maintaining a prefect life is equally important.

So the person who defines the right combination of both scores the goal with lightening speed.

C)Action and Analysis

Once you get obsessed action automatically follows up. As the conscious mind starts thinking about it and orders the subconscious to create a plan and execute the same. You do not need to think about the ‘HOW’ factor in the long term in achieving your goal, it’s not your part.

When you think about the ‘HOW’factor too much circumstances shows up which can be both positive and negative leading  you to think about the money you don’t have to focus on your dream or something which you can’t do because you have so and so responsibilities which leads to fear, doubt and no action. In fact we all have responsibilities but using that as an excuse for not achieving your goals  is just a lie.

You need to focus on WHAT, WHY and  the STEPS you can take today towards your goal. The moment to take action is NOW.

So once you start taking actions on daily basis, opportunities automatically open up for you.

After that set a timeline to analyze yourself and the result. May be weekly, monthly or yearly. Based on the result you take massive actions because you clearly see how far you have gone in the journey.

And when you start a journey with your passion, results will automatically show up but you have to take regular action for it. Analysis gives you the idea where you stand and the chance to improve yourself.

D)Living your Dream

You have nothing to do with it, the first three stages automatically take care of this one. It is just the thing which you have dreamed of,the burning desire of your heart which you hold it in your hand and live it in your day to day life and enjoy it’s flavor.

The journey name is ‘GOA’ and I have not seen anyone who does not love it.

So today take your time and think have you scored the GOAL or are you still playing with your life?

Those who have scored the goal , analyse yourself where you stand today and take massive action towards it .Those who have not scored ,It’s time to score the GOAL.

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