How to get rid of of Anxiety, Depression and Sadness in our life using The Law of Attraction?

In this world each one of us suffers from Anxiety,Depression and Sadness in life.But successful people has the mindset to take control over these feelings and transform these into positive outcome whereas normal people get controlled by these kind of feeling and suffer.Let’s understand how Law of Attraction can be used to get rid of these feelings.If you are aware of how Law of Attraction works then you should know that humans can feel two kind of emotions or feelings.

         A) Positive EmotionsWhich feels Good.

         B) Negative Emotions Which Does not feel Good.

When someone experiences the first category of emotions he feels good, feels happy and by the ‘Like attracts Like’ principle he brings more and more reasons to be happy about. In the end that is what we all want ‘Happiness’. Well everybody has their own way to define happiness for them but that is what we all need.

So as human we also experience negative emotions. We can not avoid that. But it’s up to us how we take the situations we are in and react to those. I have seen many people suddenly getting angry due to something and taking wrong decisions  which leads to bigger problems .When you ask yourself what you want the answers will be ‘Solution’ then you take the action towards it. And always remember you develop the solutions when you focus on what you want and you are in a happy mood. For example it is always advised not to write mails to your boss and co-workers when you are angry, hungry and in a bad mood. The reason is you  do not feel good at that point and attract more and more problems in that way.

Similarly we all suffer from emotional states like worry, depression and anxiety,  that is a part of life. But it is completely up to us how we take actions to convert those feelings to good feelings and once again come back to a joyful mood.


Always remember No person , No thing or object gives you the feeling you want. They are the reasons for the way you feel. The feeling gets generated from within. It’s you and only you who has control over it.

What You Think, You Become.

What you Feel You Attract.

What you Imagine You Create.

                   –  Buddha


Below is the process by which you immediately get rid of those feelings and get total control over yourself.

    A) Let it Go:

Let go is the process when you make peace with your current circumstances and do not get bothered about things which you do not have in your control.

There are people who discuss the bad things happened in office even though they are in their home, they can do something to change their mood, cheer themselves up because by doing this they attract same kind situations. When you hold on to feelings like anger, frustration, sadness you enter into negative frequency and attract the same kind of situations by Law of Attraction.

But when you let go you control your emotions, you do not suffer from anxiety, fear or depression any more. Once you decide to let go you need to go for the next stage.

     B) Becoming Solution Oriented and Taking Actions:

Life throws many challenges at us. It is up to us how we react to this challenge. One type of people get terrified and get frightened thinking about it, loose their emotional control hence allow the situation to control their life.

Second type of people accepts this situation and concentrate about the solution by focusing on what is they want, they take continuous actions for it, resolve the problem and control the situation, they create the life they want.

Biggest examples of this kind of people are Sachin Tendulkar and M.S Dhoni. They are the people who always had emotional control on themselves, took  actions, building strategies how they can make themselves  bettor. Never got terrified by the situation, never allowed outside circumstances to take control over them.

Once you do the above things by Law of Attraction you will only attract situations which will make you happier or stronger. You will attract good things to you hence manifest happiness in life.

Happy Manifesting,


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