How To Get Your Ideal Body Using Law Of Attraction?

Each one of us wants to have good health and  ideal body. So today I want to tell you how Law Of Attraction can be used to get your ideal weight step by step.

1) Think about your ideal body weight.
Many of us want to loose weight, but that is not what you want, what you want is your ideal weight. As the Universe says be specific on what you want. So do your research and find the right body weight for you.For example you can take the Body Mass Index chart for reference and find the right weight for you.Be very specific, make an exact number  if you can, for example 65 kg  or you can also take a window like(64-66)kg.

2) Taking Three Actions on daily basis consistently.

Now this desire is in your control for which you can take some action. So today start with three actions. Any small action is fine.

A) Doing Exercise for 20-30 minutes everyday-

We have 24 hours a day and we need to understand health is one of our top most priority.So most important things should not be at the mercy of least important things.We must find out 20-30 minutes everyday and do exercise.Does no matter its perfect or not, getting started and consistency is the key.This can be the first action of the day for health.

B) Eating a healthy diet and replacing some  diet with organic diet.

This is an action which can be taken easily with some control over the mind. We all eat oily food for taste but we can take the action to control our mind and replace it with healthy food. For this Action, Time and effort is not required. Also your diet is 70 percent responsible for your health.So if you are eating some oily foods for taste just take control over your mind and replace it with a healthy food.This is one of the key actions which can contribute immensely for the betterment of your health just by using mind control with no effort and time.

So plan and eat a healthy diet.Also take three actions daily which makes 90 a month leading to 1080 actions in a year.You are bound to see results after following this method of taking actions.

3) Visualising your ideal weight.

Whenever you get time do some visualisation, visualise your ideal weight and the body you want. May be you can  find the person or celebrity who has the ideal body you want and take a print out and post it, so that you can see it.This will always provide you with a picture of what you want having a great impact on your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

4)Becoming Grateful

Be grateful to your health, this is what keeps you alive. Once you understand that nothing matters more than your good health you start showing gratitude for it and start taking Actions to get good health.

Once you do the above four things you will automatically attract good health and ideal body to your life.

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