Definiteness of Purpose and Desires is the first step towards Manifestation.

A couple of days ago I was talking to a person who has newly joined a renowned organisation as a newbie. He is a fantastic learner with great academics. I asked him what you want to do in life? He answered I want to earn a lot of money. I told okay so what you will do for that,his answer was surprising.He told anything, I would do anything to earn money, I just want to be rich.

I realised he is yet to find the purpose of life because money does not give you happiness, money can only buy you things you can enjoy  which leads to a good feeling. Again the question will be arising in your mind if money can buy those things, then money can buy happiness which is a wrong concept.Let’s consider an example you want a car, you manifested the money you want and bought it, however due to the hectic job you have, you are not getting time to enjoy it. Will you be happy? The answer is ‘NO’.

Money can buy you things you love but it can not give you happiness. That is why you must enjoy what you get using Money.

In the same way you must define the purpose of life and the desires you have to live the life of your dreams.

Getting a clear idea for why you are here and what are the things you want to do in life defines your actions. If you do not have definite purpose your action will never be correct.

Create a Definite Plan for Carrying out your desire and begin at Once,whether you are ready or not to put this plan into Action.
              – Napoleon Hill.

Many of us go with the flow of life and do not ask the question ’What is it I want do in Life’? We tell different kind of excuses for why we are not thinking about what we love and not taking Action for that.

There are also some people who think and try for it but they think too much about the future that it terrifies them leading to a discouragement and they stop taking Actions.

There is a saying:-


Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery and Today is a Gift.


Are you accepting this gift which Universe is giving you to take Actions or are still thinking about what you lack, still struck with the Limiting Beliefs you have? The key is once you start taking Actions you will see Universe providing you more and more ways to Manifest your dreams.

Just Define it and get started, you will see more ways to take action ultimately leading to Manifestation.

Always remember Be Thankful for what you have, then define what you want, believe you are going to have it and take the actions to manifest it.


Happy Manifesting!!!!!!!!



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