What is Belief System and how to remove self limiting beliefs to Manifest your Dream Life.

Beliefs are the state of mind which a person accepts without any proof. This beliefs play an important role in our life and also decides whether we manifest our dream life or not. Beliefs are programmes which are installed in our subconscious mind. When we accept something as true or false in our conscious mind without any proof and have blind faith in it then becomes a belief.

For example we worship our parent’s gods. When our parents and other people tell the same thing to us again and again we accept it without any doubt which gets printed as true in our subconscious mind. That’s called a belief.


*How beliefs are formed?

Beliefs can be formed in many ways.Out of which I have listed some major things.

a)Family, Relatives and circumstances :


When you were a kid you believed in everything told by your parents, and relatives because at that time you had a very clear mind. you believed in everything without any doubt, you believed santa will bring gifts for you in Christmas, you believed if you are with your parents nobody can harm you. These strong beliefs helped you to get rid of anxiety and depression.

Similarly we also get some negative belief from this kind of sources. For example

‘You need to work hard to be successful’.
‘Earning money is difficult’.
‘Money does not grow on trees’.

These beliefs are not helpful  but by accepting them as true we attract same kind of circumstances.

b) Self Talk due to temporary circumstances/Defeats

When you tell yourself negative statement just because of some temporary reasons again and again it forms a belief, and your subconscious create ways to take actions and manifest it. If it is positive then it really helps but if it is negative it becomes the biggest obstacle in your way.

Some examples of negative beliefs :

   I can’t be successful.
   I am not good enough.
   I am not worthy.
   I can’t achieve my goal.

So when you say this kind of things to yourself your subconscious mind accepts it as true and provides you those kind of feelings which makes your limiting belief more strong.

In Henry Folds Language.

If you Think you can or you can not in both ways you are true.


                                                                                     -Henry Ford.


*How the belief system can be used to Manifest what you want.


a)By questioning your belief system and removing the limiting beliefs.

When you want to change your destiny by changing your belief system then you need to question your beliefs. Once you start questioning  you will find the belief which is limiting you.

For example if you believe you need to work hard to earn money, you will work hard to earn money. Once you find it ask yourself how this belief is helping you. If that’s true then how world’s 5% population is holding 90% of the riches, Because they have the successful mindset. They have the belief that earning money is very easy as a result their subconscious accepts it as true and shows them ways to earn money. They keep taking actions towards it and abundance flows to them.

Let’s take an example of ways to remove limiting beliefs:

If you have the belief that ‘I can’t achieve my goals’, the first thing you need to tell yourself is ‘I can achieve my  goal and it’s very easy’. So once you change the belief system you feel like achieving it .Then try to take some actions with what you have now towards your goal.

     Action banishes Fear. Ask, Believe, Act and Receive.


Robin Sharma tells if you take five small actions towards your goal on daily basis you will achieve 150 goals in a month. But we do not take action because of the limiting belief we have on ourselves.

So by changing the belief your fears will get converted to actions.

b)Changing the self talk using daily Affirmations-

In this phase you need to write down all the negative beliefs you hold inside you and transform them into positive statements. As example:-

I am not good enough-I am good enough.
Money does not grow on trees.-‘ Earning money is very easy and it flows to me’


Always remember the Universe is full of opportunities and you can always expect the good things from it and convert this process of expecting good things to a belief. So defeats are temporary and Time heals everything, somehow we convert these temporary defeats to negative beliefs and attract the same kind of situations to us.


Today write down 5 negative beliefs and convert those to positive affirmations till they convert to belief.

I can’t be successful-‘I can be successful and it’s very easy’.

Remember your beliefs form your life and you can get rid of the limiting beliefs to manifest your dream life.belief


Happy Manifesting,



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