How to become a money magnet and attract more money using Law Of Attraction?

You can attract more money and abundance to you using law of attraction. Many of us know this but do we really understand  the methods and process to apply the same.
Let’s get into the process and see how Law Of Attraction can be applied to attract more money and abundance in life.
Money does not brings happiness, happiness brings money.
We all have that mindset that money will bring happiness but it’s actually the reverse happiness brings money.
If you are grateful for what you have in life it grows manifold. It can be a small amount which generally gets ignored but these small amount together makes a big amount. Therefore it is very important to figure out the smallest things by which you receive money.
If you are getting a gift, a discount while buying something or receiving any service or product without any cost. Be truly grateful for it. Do not take it for granted.
These are all forms of abundance.
Have a clear picture how much amount you want and what you will do with that amount.
For experimental purpose just take a small amount and write it down.
Also write down what you will do like what you will buy or how much you will contribute to others.
Write it very clearly and in a precise manner do that you have a clear idea on what you will do with the money.
Now got along with your daily life and forget it.
Find out ways to take Action.
Now that you are focused on money understand where focus goes energy flows.
Now your energy is open towards money.
And the most powerful ways to use this energy is to take action.
Try and see if you can do something today to add a small income different from your existing source of incomes. It does not matter how small or big. You just need to get started.
If you can’t do that then see if you can work on something, a service which will add value to you.
Write the ways, it’s best if you can take action.
But if the above is not possible then just let go and have the believe that the Universe will manifest your desire.
Happy Manifesting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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