How to attract a particular thing/object or create it with law of attraction?

We can use the law of attraction to attract a particular thing or object which we want.

Let me first explain you what an average human thinks.

When we see a big house or a great car and wish to have it most of the time we again look at our current financial condition an then think we won’t be able to buy this or have it. They immediately think about their current condition and assume that it will never happen and guess what Universe does the same to them as well. They attract situations and circumstances of not having it and never get it.

Remember Like attracts Like.

So what we need to do in this case is just to create a belief that we can have it just like the belief that we can’t have it.

A coin has two sides. So the chance of getting  that car or house is 50/50.

But Human tendency is I can’t have that car, I can’t have that house rather than the yes that I am going to have it.

There is no effort here, just believe you are going to have it then the Universe will open up ways for you.

Now the next question is how we can form this belief?

The answer is simple- start small.Start from small manifestations.

By manifesting small things like a particular book, bag or anything. Something which is not significant or something which you will not be disheartened even if you don’t get it.

Just wish it, be grateful for it and forget it. Get on with your daily tasks, and after some days you will experience you have it what you want.

Just try it and experiment with it, this is what you do with small things and apply the same for bigger manifestations.

This is the real way how you manifest things in life.

You just need to understand the process.A yes is as easy as a no, so all things start with a belief.

Have you figured out what is it you want and have believed that you can have it?If not do it today and you will experience the process.

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