How To Attract Good Health and Better Life Style Using Law Of Attraction?

We have all heard of the phrase ‘Health is Wealth’ in life but how many of us truly understand it, becoming grateful for the good health we have and taking actions to make it even better is the real meaning of the phrase.

If you are having any health issues in life you can get back your good health using ‘The Law Of Attraction’.

Let’s get in to the process of how to apply it.


Self Love and Gratitude:-

The first thing what you need to do is practice self love and be Thankful to God for blessing you with this life.
So you need to write down some positive statements about you and your health.

Always remember ‘Whoever has more will be given more and he or she will have an abundance, and whoever does not has it whatever he or she has will be taken away.

The thing here is ‘Gratitude’. So you must feel grateful for your good health in advance to receive it.


Creating an Action Plan, taking actions and stick to the plan :-

The Universe loves Actions. With the Gratitude practice you must get started with your action plan as well.
Starting from today ask yourself what are the three actions you are going to take to create better health? You need to ask yourself every morning.

Start with the smallest step and write it down, then you will feel good about your initiative.

The amazing thing is the Universe will provide you with more and more ways to take Action. You will keep on attracting it. That is how the Law of Attraction works.

You need to stick to the plan to attract better health in a faster way.


Letting Go and Stay Happy:-

This is the last step, once you do the above steps , Let Go of the How and When, The Universe will take care of it.
Be Happy that you have started taking Actions, and started practising Gratitude.
Just wait for the amazing results.

Remember ‘The Gift of Health is Keeping me Alive’ from the Magic book.

So go ahead and apply the above steps to attract good health and a better life style.

Happy Manifesting,


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Antony Insuli
1 year 2 months ago

Great advice. I love the simple steps. Thanks for sharing


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