How to Attract Your Dream College/Institution Using Law of Attraction.

Many students want to take admission in their dream college or institution and they want to know how to use law of attraction to manifest the same.
Law of Attraction can be used to manifest your dream college or institution but you have to clear about the process and apply it correctly.
Let’s get into the process in detailed manner.
1. First Step-Clarity
If we don’t know the destination we will never be able to create the path,that is why it is very important to know that what you want to become and choose a career path accordingly. Many of us choose the path without even knowing what we want to become.
Please don’t follow the herd and carefully figure out your area of interest and then think about the career path.
So clarity is the first step to manifest your dream institution.
2. Second Step-Be specific
Once you understand which path you need to  take, do extensive research on the institutions. When you get a good idea and sort out few institutions then talk to people who know about it, search the  internet and talk to ex-alumnus who can tell details about your preferred institutions.
Once you get all the idea find out the best out of the choices.It may be one institute or 2, 3 or 4 based on your analysis.
3. Third Step-Actions
After completing the above step you need to take actions.
Learn about their selection criteria and admission process and others.
Start studying and have the belief that you are going to join your dream institution.Take Daily and regular action. Stay updated.
Take a picture of the institution and post it where you can see it on daily basis.It can be kept near your bed or study table or where you find it suitable.
Always feel Gratitude for already taking admission in  the institution in advance.
Always imagine how good you will feel when you start studying it, visualise it in your mind and feel as much gratitude you can. You will see how the circumstances work in your favour.
Always remember Thoughts followed by Gratitude and Action leads to Manifestation.
Happy Manifesting,

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