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I am an IT Professional who has keen interest in Motivational speaking, writing and Law of Attraction.I have manifested money,happiness,people and also in the process of manifesting my goal.I was born and brought up in a small town in the Indian State of Odisha. When I was in my final year of Education, One of my teacher told me about the book ‘The Secret’ and how you can manifest what you want.

I was really curious about it.At that point of time the price of that book was a bit more and I was unwilling to pay that amount.Somehow I collected the DVD of the movie and watched it.At first it was impossible to believe that whatever you desire and feel like having it, it manifests.However with the flow of life I forgot about it but my curiosity was still there.After nearly two years I was just having an evening walk and there was a Book Shop side by .In the front row it was having a book called ‘The Magic’.I just went in and picked it,thanks to my job I was having enough money to buy that.

I started reading it and applying the amazing content in my life which changed every aspect of the way I think.I started to dream big,think big and feel good about it.Gradually all the things manifested according to my desires.When I became grateful for what I have in life, more and more things came into my life to be grateful for. I read all the books of Rhonda Byrne and understood how the Law of Attraction works and the mechanism to apply it.I discovered my passion and the aim of life while practising ‘The Magic’.I had forgotten what I love in the flow of life but this book and the practices showed me the way to go for it.And when I started speaking it really felt good and I also got the results.You can have a look at my first speech and give it a thumbs up if you like it.



I see a lot of people  who know the secret,who are happy for no reason and in this process they live the secret.The second group of people who know the Secret but not aware about the process to use it.The Final group of people who are completely unaware of it.The first group of people live the life they want to live by applying the secret,where as the other two type of people just think about them..

My Aim is to make people know about The Secret and The Law of Attraction.Also make them capable to apply it in their life.

I am grateful to Rhonda Byrne for giving it to me and the Mankind.Hope I will be able contribute to her aim in some way through teaching all the people I can.

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Happy Manifesting,


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