The 7 Rules for Manifesting Your Dream Life

1. Be Grateful for what you have:-

Remember The only way to attract more is to think about what you already have, praise it, you might have a strong family which supports you, you might have a job which which pays your bills. Don’t a victim of self criticism, don’t tell others what you don’t have and do not complaint, Somebody else is dreaming for what you are taking for granted.

These words of negativity grounds your confidence, talk about your ideas, discuss how can you make it work, think and discuss about things you love.

2.Clearly Defining what you want:-


Vague Goals Produce Vague Result-Robin Sharma.


The above statement is given for Goals but it is true for each area of life. It is very necessary to be specific about what you want in life, where you want to stand in your personal life, what is your financial freedom number? What kind of house you want, what kind of car you want to drive? The more specific you become, the faster you manifest things.

In fact many people don’t know what they want in life, some say money but how much? They have no idea about it. As a result they never think about finding different ways of income and can not convey the same to Universe. Because they focus on what they don’t have and waste time on blaming it rather than finding what they want and thinking about some action to take for it.

Remember Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement.

3.Action is the key to Success:-

Many people define what they want, but again they fail to take action. The reason could be anything.

I want you to tell one thing according to Alibaba Founder Jack Ma what you do after work is important, it is very very crucial how you are going to use the 24 hours of today you are gifted with.

Your today defines your tomorrow.

You cant extend the 24 hours to 25 but you can refrain yourself from watching television, spending     time in non productive activities, wasting time on social media. It’s time to go for Action, it’s time to understand that you and the world both deserve your best.

Today we see Usain Bolt as the fastest man on the Earth, but he has given his best hours of life in taking action, going after what he wants.

If you want to be a singer then, join a club nearby. Rather than going to movie or malls on holidays, practice singing, participate in events. Explore your strength. In the similar manner if you want to be a writer, then find out how many pages you are going to write today, get a mentor, show your content to the publications, read some books related to your field.

If you want to be a speaker, actor or anything you want, it is possible. Nobody is going to care about you, if you don’t care about yourself. Make your life remarkable and have no regrets on your death bed.

4.Overcome the fear of Failure:-

One of the key factors which restricts us from taking actions is the fear of failure. Lot of people think what if I fail? And this negativity(What If) actually prevents them from taking the first step towards their dream. You can’t expect to reach the rooftop until you take the first step in stairs.

Have faith in self and the Universe hold the belief ‘What the Mind can conceive it can achieve’.

Take the first step which will lead you to the second one, then the third one, then fear will not have any place in your heart.

You must explore yourself. Show the world you exist. Don’t be a sheep in the herd and live a life   full of fears, convert your worry time to action time.

5.Build a strong belief System:

A belief is something which you accept as a truth in your subconscious and conscious mind. This will enhance your will power leading to massive actions.

For Example many hold negative beliefs in their head

  1. ‘I am not worthy enough for the job’
  2. ‘I can’t get the financial freedom’.
  3. Before analyzing and taking action, The plan is not going to work out
  4. The above are the examples of negative belief system.
  5. belief


In the above picture The horse has accepted it that he is not free even he has all the power to act on it’s own.So write down three negative beliefs you have about yourself and convert into positive belief and tell yourself again and again on regular basis like affirmations.

Ex-I am worthy enough to get the job.

I am going to brainstorm the plan and act on it

Simultaneously you need to start taking actions on it.So to manifest your desires you have to build a good belief system. When hope becomes a belief manifestation process starts.

6.Maintain a Schedule and set a deadline.

A schedule is a must have for your journey towards manifestation. Some people start very well and very enthusiastically, they work hard in fact very hard forgetting the need of a healthy life style.

They generally  expect quick results when it does not show up they quit. But if you really maintain a work life balance and keep doing it, you will keep on attracting more ways to take action.

Remember Consistency is the pillar of success.

Second thing is to set a deadline, a dead line keeps you going. It helps you analyze where you stand, what kind of action you need to take to achieve your short term goal.

7.Having Fun

Life is nothing without Fun. It is necessary to enjoy your life. All the wealth, the money or success is meaning less if you can’t enjoy it ,if you can’t feel it.

Spending time with your pet, spending time with your family gives happiness to you which is the most ingredient factor in the manifestation process.

Go and Happen to your life, you and the rest of the world both deserve your best. Make a difference and provide a success story for the next generation.

Happy Manifesting,


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