30 Days Magical Manifestation Programme

30 Days Magical Manifestation Programme Introduction

If you are reading this then it means you know about the Law Of Attraction.

Have you ever tried to use the Law Of Attraction and succeed in attracting things in life and the after some time you failed to attract and unable to figure out what went wrong.

If you know about the Law Of Attraction means you understand that you are capable of attracting anything you want by using this.

You just need the right methods, strategies  and understanding to apply it and in the process achieve the things you want.

It all starts with the book ‘The Secret’ which explains the law of attraction but the real implementation comes in the book ‘The Magic’ where you will be applying the LOA and see the results, transform yourself and  manifest things in life.

Many famous people like Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, The Miracle Man-Morris E Goodman have applied The Law Of Attraction and manifested great things in life like money, health and wealth.

We all can apply it to create the life we want, but do we know right methods, right strategies and have the right mindset for it?

There are several types of people:-

1. Many people Do not know about Law of Attraction.
2. Many people know about it but they find it difficult to apply it in their life, they tell it’s not working in my life.
3. Some people read ‘The Magic’ and they try to apply it but find it really difficult to complete the journey.
4. Some tell I am trying to apply Law of Attraction but I am attracting the opposite of it.
This Magical Manifestation workshop will help you resolve all the above and attract what you want in life.

  1. Those who are not aware about the Law Of Attraction.
  2. Those who are aware about about Law Of Attraction but don’t know how to apply it.
  3. Those who know about Law Of Attraction and applied it to some extent, manifested things but after some time, with the passage of life they get back to the same track again and fail to apply it.

All of above can benefit from the session and see the change in their lives.

What is This Programme?

This Magical Manifestation programme is an online session, where we will do the practices mentioned in the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne. The practices has created waves in the world and the stories of Manifestation have been flowing.

The book contains 28 days of Practice but we will cover the same in 30 days. In the first two days I will introduce you to the very fundamental things you must know to apply The Magic in your life.

Below are some of the things which you will receive in the programme:-
1. What exactly is ‘The Law of Attraction’,how it works in sync with the Universe which has an unlimited supply. And how you can use it to attract anything you want and manifest it.
2. Next thing required is to collect The Magical Things which will be used for the entire Session. I will explain it in the Second Day.
A. Defining The Dreams: Many of us don’t know what we want in life, Many say we want happiness, but when I ask ‘have you defined what happiness means for you’? I get a ‘No’ as an answer. If you do not know the destination then nothing can help you reach the destination.
It is said that ‘The definiteness of purpose and desires leads to Manifestation. It is also said that ‘Vague Goals produce Vague results’.
That is why it is very important that we get a very clear understanding what we want in life. For this you must define your dreams in each area of life.
Always find out the ‘WHY’ factor for the dreams. You need to do something, why? You do not need to think about the How it’s the responsibility of Universe.
I will provide you the details process for defining the dreams and the process to Manifest it during the session.
B. Importance of Gratitude- If you have read ‘The Secret’ then you must be knowing that Gratitude is the biggest driving force in the manifestation process. To manifest things we must use this power of Universe.
We must find things to be grateful for in life to get what we want. It is very important we make gratitude our Morning Ritual for Manifestation of our desires. This Gratitude Practice will be done extensively so that you can actually find something to be grateful in each area of life.I will review the same on daily basis and help you to make it a part of your life.

Apart from this you will be able to change the circumstances and situations which are stopping you from exploring your best. You will start attracting situations, people and circumstances which will lead you in the path of self exploration and Dream Manifestation.The world and you both deserve your best,then why to play small with your life?

How the Magical Manifestation Session will help you in your life?

You will experience great changes in the below areas of life after the session.
a) Important Relationships in your life.
b) Manifesting Money and Prosperity.
c) Manifesting Dream Job or Business.
d) How to create a positive situation out of a negative situation.
e) How to be grateful to each thing in life and in this process and use Gratitude for Manifestation.
I will also tell you about the most important things by which you can unleash the power within.
1. How to overcome The Fear of Failure?
2. How to Overcome The Limiting Beliefs?
3. How to Unleash The Power of Your Subconscious Mind?
In this session I will be sending you e-mails where you will learn the practice and do it. You will also get added to the facebook group where you will find like minded people who want to Manifest things in life and experience ‘The Magic’. You can post your daily practices in this page.I will be verifying your practices and also guide you in this Magical Journey of Manifestation. I will be your friend and guide in this journey. You can reach out to me for any clarification while doing the practices or any other time when you face difficulty in applying it in your life.

So if you ready to take The Magical Manifestation journey with me, go ahead and register for it.The fees for this programme is Rs 2000/-.You can also get a 20% discount if you register for it in advance.

This programme happens first of every month so you can avail it as per your convenience but the sooner you start it the better for you to see the changes and get the results.

Steps To Register:-

  1. First register your name and email id in my website.
  2. Go through the details of the course and pay the amount through the below link.
   Once the above steps are done you will be starting your course.You can also mail me abinash@manifestationhub.com for more details.
Happy Manifesting,

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